Gore-Bush Recount Plus Allegations of Voter Fraud

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The election is still on hold with growing confusion over who will be the next president. As Florida's recount continues, Bush's lead has declined. We examine the election process and the history of voting fraud. We'll consider the potential and problematics of a prolonged battle and its potential to threaten the nation's confidence in the orderly transfer of power. Offering their expertise are political scholars, historians, reporters and editors who've been covering the campaigns as well as the founding director of the Carter Center's Latin American and Caribbean program who has monitored elections in 20 countries, three times in the US.
  • Newsmaker: With numbers and allegations that change by the moment, Linda Kleindienst, state capitol bureau chief of the Sun-Sentinel of South Florida, updates us on the recount, the role of the state, and threat of related lawsuits.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Our allies in Europe are often told that America is the world's best example of democracy in action. Klaus Engelen, editor-at-large for Handelsblatt, a leading German business newspaper, tells us how Germans view the election. We get another perspective from Achrene Sicakyuz, a media researcher in Paris.

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