Chronic Food Shortages Prompt Riots in Venezuela

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Venezuela’s worsening economic crisis has spilled over into chaos in recent weeks. Hungry protestors have been rioting, ransacking and looting stores and restaurants, leaving scores of businesses in shambles and at least five people dead. The government has declared a state of emergency, and basic necessities are being rationed. How did a relatively recently prosperous country which sits on the world’s largest oil reserves come to this -- the world’s worst rate of inflation and nearly 90% of its population unable to afford to eat?


Nicholas Casey - Andes Bureau Chief for the New York Times - @caseysjournal, Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez - Northwestern University / Foreign Policy magazine - @DLansberg, Juan Cristobal Nagel - Caracas Chronicles - @juannagel, Michael Shifter - Inter-American Dialogue

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