Greenland's Glaciers Melting Fast

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Another alarm about Global Warming came with last week's report that glaciers in Greenland are melting faster than ever. Skeptics already are raising questions, adding that air and water pollution are much more immediate threats than rising sea levels. Some scientists claim that Earth is reaching a "tipping point," beyond which no conceivable effort will make a difference. Others say human beings will adapt to whatever happens. In the meantime, why not launch a satellite that could clear up some of the scientific uncertainties? We hear the latest dispute about the impact of climate change.
  • Making News: Israel Freezes Tax Money to Palestinians
    Yesterday, Israel froze $50 million a month in tax and customs receipts due to the Palestinian Authority. Today, Hamas, which took over the Palestinian parliament Saturday, says it has other ways to get the money as Steven Erlanger reports from Jerusalem for the New York Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Olympics Marked by Falls and Crashes, On and Off the Ice
    Front pages of the world's newspapers today ran multiple pictures of normally graceful figure skaters sprawled all over the ice at the Winter Olympics. Last night, Walter Mayer, the Austrian coach at the center of a doping investigation, crashed his car into a police barricade after a chase across the Italian border. Alan Abrahamson is in Turin trying to keep track of it all for the Los Angeles Times.



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