Gun Control and the Election

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While the sniper was at work around Washington, Congress toughened the rules for screening gun buyers. Recent polls show that almost 75% of Americans, including gun owners, now support -ballistic fingerprinting- to help law enforcement trace bullets back to the guns that fired them. Yet, except in Maryland and a couple of other places, gun control has not become a major issue in the midterm elections. So, where-s the political traction? Are politicians afraid of the gun lobby? Do Americans just like guns? We hear more about -ballistic fingerprinting- and gun politics in an election year from California Senator Dianne Feinstein, one of the leading advocates for an assault weapons ban, the gun lobby, a gun-control advocate, forensics expert, and a writer on the politics of firearms and civil rights.
  • Newsmaker: Israel-s Sharon Looks Right for Foreign Minister
    Since the Labor Party resigned from his cabinet, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has been looking for new allies. Today, he reportedly offered the job of foreign minister to his own principal rival in the Likud Party, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Peter Hirschberg, columnist for the liberal daily Ha-aretz, updates the meeting between the two men and assesses Sharon-s political maneuvering to maintain power in a time of crisis.
  • Reporter's Notebook: New York, San Francisco Bid to Host 2012 Summer Olympics
    Paris, Rome, Moscow and Rio are likely candidates to host the Olympic Games in the year 2012. New York and San Francisco have been campaigning hard to become America-s choice. Tomorrow, at its headquarters in Colorado Springs, the US Olympic Committee will decide. Vickie Michaelis, who covers the Olympics for USA Today, reports that both media-savvy cities are working to generate civic interest and tax dollars.

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