Half-Votes, Last Votes and Democratic Primaries' Results

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Over the weekend, the Democratic Party's Rules and Bylaws Committee made decisions about the disputed Florida and Michigan primaries. Hillary Clinton won a decisive victory in Puerto Rico's primary. Tomorrow come elections in Montana and South Dakota, the last two in a long primary campaign. Will Senator Clinton continue fighting? Are Democrats dangerously divided? How will the long primary season affect November's general election? Also, Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy undergoes brain surgery, and a look at the life of Yves Saint Laurent, and his impact on the catwalk and on our culture. Sara Terry guest hosts.

DNC Co-Chair Alexis Herman DNC Co-Chair Jim Roosevelt, (both sitting) recieve applause from the committee after all the votes during a DNC meeting May 31, 2008 in Washington DC. The Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee decided that delegates from Florida and Michigan will be seated with half votes. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images



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