Hamas, Hijacking the Arab Summit and Peace Talks

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For the first time, Arab leaders have reached consensus on how to make peace in the Middle East only to encounter an all-too-familiar obstacle. Hamas, which claimed responsibility for the latest suicide bombing which killed and injured scores of Israelis, has reconfirmed that its only approach toward Israel is sustained violent resistance. Will Israel retaliate with tanks and rockets? Will the Arabs try to build on their blueprint for peace? What about US efforts to get a cease-fire and extend the war on terrorism to Iraq? We look at the power of terrorist violence in one of the world's most troubled regions with a Palestinian pollster, an Israeli journalist, Middle East specialists and a former Defense Department official.
  • Newsmaker: Polish Bishop Resigns in Sex Case
    The scandal over sexual improprieties in the Roman Catholic Church has touched Pope John Paul himself. The Archbishop of Poznan, a compatriot, acquaintance and appointee of the pontiff, resigned after widely publicized allegations that he made homosexual advances to young clerics. John Allen covers the Vatican for National Catholic Reporter.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Charity and Commerce Bind World's Richest and Poorest People
    This weekend, the New York Times Magazine will run, "How Susie Bayer's T-Shirt Ended up on Yusuf Mama's Back," an astonishing story about what happens to American thrift shop throwaways. Author George Packer traced the complex process that transformed American charity into a six million-dollar enterprise in global commerce.

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