Hamas Victory, a New Political Reality in the Middle East

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In Gaza today, angry demonstrators blamed President Mahmoud Abbas for his Fatah Party's stunning defeat in Palestinian elections. In the West Bank, Abbas himself asked the winning Hamas to form a new government. The stunning victory of the militant group has set off blame-games in both Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and has become the major issue in Israel's election campaign. Will the burdens of governance force Hamas to abandon violence and accept Israel's right to exist? Will Israel, Europe and the United States continue the services and financial aid that keep the Palestinian Territories from collapsing? Will the Arab States help an Islamic party that's taken power through democratic elections?
  • Making News: President Bush to Face Tough Audience for State of the Union
    With the President scheduled to make his State of the Union speech Tuesday, several polls have sampled his current popularity with the American people. His standing could have a major impact on races for the Congress and Senate this coming November. The Gallup Poll for CNN and USA Today shows that 58% think the President's second term is a failure so far. Frank Newport is Editor in chief for the Gallup Poll.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Democrats Call for Alito Filibuster... Now?
    The Senate Judiciary approved Judge Samuel Alito's nomination to the US Supreme Court on strict party lines. The Senate is scheduled to vote on Alito Tuesday, just hours before President Bush's State of the Union address. With a Republican majority, final confirmation was all but guaranteed. Now several Democrats are talking filibuster. John Harwood, national political editor for the Wall Street Journal, says they're likely to fail.

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