Has California Recall Turned into Davis versus Goliath?

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With 135 candidates, it started out as a free-for-all. Now, California-s recall looks like politics as usual. If Democratic Governor Gray Davis is recalled in Tuesday-s election, polls show Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger is his likely replacement. Political pros say that-s turning it into a two-candidate contest. CNN calls it -Davis versus Goliath.- With Presidential politics heating up, what-s at stake for the major parties? Are right-wing conservatives being left behind? Why would anyone want to be Governor of California at a time like this? We hear from political reporters, consultants, and commentators, a tax reform lobbyist, and the leaders of the California Republican and Democratic Parties.
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    First Lady Laura Bush is in France on what the French press is calling a -fence-mending tour of Europe.- Though she may have held out her hand to Jacques Chirac, the last time President Bush had the chance, he gave the French President the cold shoulder. That was a stark contrast to the -muscular handshake- Bush exchanged with Germany-s Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. New York Times reporter Nina Bernstein thinks she knows why.

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