Has Conference on Racism Become Forum for Hatred?

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In the aftermath of America's walkout, other nations in Durban, South Africa have switched their attention from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to reparation for slavery, an issue that's pitting African countries against those in Europe. Reaction to America's pullout has polarized supporters and critics in the US and around the world. Can the conference on tolerance be salvaged from becoming a forum for hatred? We weigh the tactical and moral issues with a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, a former ambassador, a Palestinian human rights activist, and an Israeli journalist.
  • Newsmaker: Auto Industry Shakeup: Toyota in the Big Three? - In the once staunchly "buy American" auto industry, Toyota is making history by edging Chrysler out of its position as one of the country's "big three" auto makers. Art Spinella, president of the automotive consultancy firm CNW Marketing Research, credits attention to detail as the Japanese manufacturer's key to success.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Taliban Blocks Diplomats from Aid Workers' Trial - In Afghanistan, Taliban authorities have begun the closed-door trial of eight Westerner aid workers and their 16 Afghan colleagues who could be sentenced to death for preaching Christianity. Ahmed Rashid, of the Far Eastern Economic Review, reports that the fundamentalists' secrecy has left foreign diplomats frustrated and angry.

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