Have Mass Shootings Become the 'New Normal?'

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Somebody shot up a pickup basketball game in Chicago last night. Nobody was killed, but 13 were injured. On Monday, 13 people died in the shooting at Washington's Navy Yard. Will there be action? Or, are multiple shootings coming to be accepted as part of America's routine? Also, the House passes a bill defunding Obamacare, setting the stage for a showdown, and the new Pope wants a new direction for the Roman Catholic Church.

Banner image: Tanya Burch (L), from Chicago, wipes away tears and holds a picture of her son Deontae Smith as Shundra Robinson (2nd R), also of Chicago, talks about the shooting death of her son Deno Wooldridge at a news conference with family members of gun violence victims at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, September 18, 2013. Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters