Help for Haiti?: The Work Has Just Begun

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It's been almost a month since a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti. Aid workers are still struggling to cope with a situation that some have described as worse than the 2004 tsunami. Guest host Sara Terry explores humanitarian efforts. What aid is reaching people? Who still needs help? What are the biggest challenges? Also, Greeks strike over austerity measures, and disorders, dysfunctions and definitions. Psychiatrists revise the manual that helps them treat mental illness.

Banner image: United Nations' Peruvian Peacekeepers and the US Army provide security for food distribution coordinated by GOAL, the international humanitarian aide organization, in Place St. Pierre in Port-au-Prince. Each woman is given a card and then is helped with a 20 kilogram bag of rice by one of the men from the GOAL team. Photo: Sophia Paris/MINUSTAH via Getty Images



Sara Terry