High-Tech Preventive Medicine

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The Institute of Medicine has called for a billion-dollar overhaul of the health care system for its failure to provide consistent high-quality care. In addition to restructured reimbursement and information systems, the report cites a need for more preventative intervention. But is such testing beneficial or should it be reserved for those with specific medical history or risky social behavior? Does scientific evidence prove expensive, rarely reimbursed, MRI's, PET and CAT scans effective, or are they mere money machines? We examine the high-tech health care revolution with medical doctors and health care experts. (Diana Nyad guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Microsoft: Fallout of Judge Penfield Jackson Being Disqualified - Microsoft's legal saga has taken yet another twist involving the out-of-court behavior of Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, the judge hearing the case. In a 10-hour interview with New Yorker columnist Ken Auletta, the judge showed unabashed venom for the company he found against, calling their practices similar to those of a drug gang.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Courtney Love Challenges Music Industry - Singer Courtney Love has filed a whopping counter suit against her record company, Universal Music, claiming unconscionable and illegal treatment. If successful, she could well redefine the entire recording industry for the next century. Ms. Love's attorney, Barry Capello, breaks the lawsuit down for us.



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