Homeland Security: Budget before Strategy?

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"Homeland Security" is a budget category that never even existed before September 11. Now it's a major part of the President's spending plan. Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge, who won't have his strategy in place until midyear, is asking Congress for 38 billion dollars. Some Democrats are dubious. Before writing Ridge a blank check, they want his strategy. We hear from Congress, Republican Saxby Chambliss and Democrat Jane Harman, and from the front lines. Does the Bush budget provide what state and local officials need to prevent and respond to terrorism?
  • Newsmaker: Los Angeles Mayor Hahn Opposes Police Chief
    In a city where race plays a major role in politics, African American politicians are threatening to recall Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn. Elected last year, largely because of the black vote, Hahn has voiced opposition to a new 5-year term for LAPD Chief Bernard Parks. Professor Raphe Sonnenshein, who helped write the city's new charter, discusses the case that has divided the traditional black-liberal coalition.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Enron: D-j- Vu All Over Again, Just like Keating and Lincoln S&L;
    The parallels are astonishing. Financial deregulation. Political contributions. A Southwestern businessman making fabulous profits until the bottom falls out, leaving unsuspecting investors holding the bag and politicians running for cover. Even the accounting firm is the same as Enron's. Although it's a different story, going back to the late 1980's, The Arizona Republic's Jerry Kammer remembers the pattern all too well.


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