How Does Organization Man Cope with Crisis?

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Bill Clinton was the master of ad-lib, but George W. Bush likes time to gather his thoughts and words. Some have unflatteringly compared the new president to Warren G. Harding while others praise his Reaganesque style. With unexpected distractions like a faltering economy and mid-air military mishap in China, how does "the Organization Man" cope with a political landscape that changes day-by-day? We hear from the political scholars of the day, including reporters, a Presidential biographer, and former Bush campaign adviser. (Diana Nyad guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Update on Negotiations with China - The US has acknowledged that 24 American servicemen and women detained in China are fine and being treated well. Bob Marquand, in Beijing for The Christian Science Monitor, says negotiations continue and there appears to be movement toward the release of the crew.
  • Newsmaker (Local): PG&E; Bankruptcy - One day after Governor Davis offered a rate increase, California's biggest private electric utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, filed for bankruptcy. Democratic State Senator Debra Bowen, who chairs the Senate's Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee, helps us put the story in perspective.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Augusta National Golf Course The best male golfers in the world tee up this weekend in the hopes of winning the famous green jacket of the Master's championship. Michael Hurdzan, one of America's premier golf architects, says environmentalists could learn a thing or two from the azalea-lined, green velvet blanket at the Augusta National course.

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