How the West Sees Africa: Are We Using the Wrong Lens?

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Africa: how the West sees it, how the West helps it and how the West all too often may be getting the whole thing wrong. Do westerners really listen to Africans when it comes to solving problems or are we too busy telling them what to do? New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof stirred up a lot of debate recently when he talked about why he features whites in his reporting from Africa. Why do news stories about Africa often feature white people "saving" the continent? Also, the BP well is capped, but has the leak been stopped? On Reporter's Notebook, an Internet first. A global documentary, shot by anyone with a camera…and done in a day. Sara Terry sits in for Warren Olney, who returns on Monday.

Banner image: Irish rocker turned concert organizer Bob Geldof poses in front of a poster of the Live-8 charity concerts 21 June 2005. Photo" Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images



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