How united are Arabs on Israel?

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From Jerusalem to Cairo to Washington, DC, there is increased fear that the psychology of peace in the Middle East is being replaced by the psychology of war. Today, we'll ask how the surrounding Arab states are confronting the crisis. Do their leaders reflect the moods of their own people? What's the attitude of the Arab countries toward the United States? We'll hear voices from Palestine, other parts of the Middle East and from this country as well.
  • Newsmaker: During most of President Clinton's terms in office, Congress has been dominated by the Republican Party. Democrats are hoping to change that in next month's election-and the race may be just as close as the one at the top of the ticket. We talk with Mary Shaffrey, staff reporter who covers the Congress for The Hill, a non-partisan weekly newspaper that circulates on Capitol Hill.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Despite all the hype, the first presidential debate last week left the major party candidates in a dead heat. Now, both Al Gore and George W. Bush reportedly are re-tooling their campaigns and their strategies for their second confrontation tomorrow in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. What kind of a show will viewers be seeing? Will there be any change in substance?



Warren Olney