<I>Pearl Harbor</I> and World War II Nostalgia

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Exploding at 3200 theaters nationwide, the movie Pearl Harbor won't be a bomb. The Disney film, the latest in a string of movies about World War II, celebrates the men and women who fought in the Pacific theater as Saving Private Ryan did for those who faced combat in Europe. Do such nostalgic portrayals help us better understand history - or each other? We compare the fictional romance to the stark reality of "the day that shall live in infamy," with a film critic, Japanese-American civil rights authority, and an American veteran of the real thing.
  • Newsmaker: Greenspan Says US Economy Not out of the Woods - Fed Reserve chair Alan Greenspan says the Central banks' interest cuts are helping bolster a shaky economy but that additional rate cuts may be required. Margaret Popper, columnist for Business Week Online, looks at the economy, consumer psychology and what to expect from the man she calls "the Michael Jordan of monetary policy."
  • Reporter's Notebook: Vegetable Power - Tired of breathing acrid fumes from cars, trucks and buses? A San Francisco service station has begun selling a new alternative fuel that smells like fast food and drastically cuts automobile emissions. Energy consultant Joshua Tickell touts one of the latest efforts to provide a renewable national alternative to dependence on foreign oil.

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