Images of American Dead and Wounded in Iraq War

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Headlines capture the numbers of US soldiers dead and wounded in large, bold letters. Countless articles and verbal reports come out of Iraq, replete with details of the carnage of war, yet we have seen comparatively few photos of film clips. The few we have seen are arresting and disturbing, such as the image of the charred bodies of American contractors hanging from a bridge in Fallujah or the naked Iraqi prisoners being humiliated at the Abu Ghraib Prison. Does the military control the media's film and photos to sugarcoat the war? Is the media protecting the families of those suffering and killed while serving their country? Or are the images simply very hard to capture in this particular war? Guest host Diana Nyad addresses the images of war with reporters and photographers, national security experts and the novelist father of a soldier fighting in Iraq.
  • Making News: A French Non for Europe?
    On Sunday, French citizens go to the polls to approve or reject the new European Union Constitution. All 25 countries of the Union must ratify the document for it to become law. As one of Europe's founding nations, France is looked upon as a leader, but surveys indicate a 55% to 45% chance that the landmark charter will not be passed by French voters. Serge Halimi is a journalist with French monthly newspaper, Le Monde Diplomatique.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Danica Patrick to Race in Sunday's Indy 500
    Only three women have ever raced at the storied Brickyard of the Indianapolis 500, but starting in the fourth position for this year's race will be a fearless young woman named Danica Patrick. Las Vegas has set odds for Patrick as one of the best bets to win the male-dominated race. Legendary champion and seven-time Indy 500 racer Lynn St. James, has more on one of Sunday's favorites.

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