Immigrants and the Changing Face of American Politics

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The latest census figures reveal that one-in-nine of all Americans is foreign born. From Texas to Florida to New York, the US is experiencing an upsurge of immigration, a wave that-s increased since September 11. In California, where the immigrant count is one-in-four, two of the leading candidates vying to replace Governor Gray Davis in October-s recall election have foreign accents. One is Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the other is a Greek-born, British-educated, columnist. We look at the cultural and political impact of our changing population with demographers, experts on immigration, assimilation and civic participation, and California gubernatorial candidate Arianna Huffington.
  • Making News: Arafat Defiant to Israeli Cabinet-s Expulsion Vote
    The Arab League says Israel has -declared war on the peace process,- the European Union warns of -serious consequences- for the Middle East, and Secretary of State Colin Powell wants any immediate action called off. But Israel still says it has decided, -in principle,- to -remove- Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. Cameron Barr is following the developments from Jerusalem for the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Democratic Presidential Candidate Richard Gephardt
    Nine Democrats are debating around the US, vying for the Presidential nomination. One is veteran Congressman Dick Gephardt of Missouri. In January, the first, actual voting will take place in neighboring Iowa, which political pros say is crucial to Gephardt-s campaign. Yet, the latest polls show him trailing former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. Gephardt share his thoughts on the war in Iraq, healthcare and the Democratic nomination.

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