Immigrants Changing the Face of American Politics

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The latest census figures reveal that one-in-nine of all Americans is foreign born. From Texas to Florida to New York, the US is experiencing an upsurge of immigration, a wave that-s increased since September 11. In California, where the immigrant count is one-in-four, two of the leading candidates running to replace Governor Davis in last October-s recall election have foreign accents. One is an Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won his gubernatorial bid. The other is a Greek-born, British-educated columnist. We consider the cultural and political impact of our changing population with demographers, experts on immigration, assimilation and civic participation, and former California gubernatorial candidate Arianna Huffington. (This segment was originally broadcast on September 12.)
  • Making News: Why Can-t We Find Osama bin Laden?
    Two years ago, President Bush vowed to capture Osama Bin Laden -dead or alive,- but when he appeared on more several recent videos broadcast by the Arab press, the White House had little to say. An article in a recent Newsweek magazine asks why the United States hasn't yet found Osama bin Laden. Mark Hosenball, who co-wrote the story, attempts to provide the answers. (This segment was originally broadcast September 18.)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Of Supermarket Strikes and Giving Thanks
    Almost 900 southland food stores are closed on this Thanksgiving Day because of labor trouble at two national supermarket chains. Seven weeks ago, clerks walked out at Vons and Pavilions, and Ralph's and Albertson's locked out their workers. Now, 70,000 clerks have been joined by 8000 teamsters. David Greenberg, who has been covering the story for the Los Angeles Business Journal, has an update. Then, KCRW's Matt Holzman speaks with some strikers who still finding meaning in the holiday. (This is an abbreviated version of a segment that was originally broadcast yesterday on To the Point.)

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