Immigration and Amnesty

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As President Bush and Mexico's Vicente Fox talk of "regularizing" the flow of workers from Mexico, the broader issue of immigration again divides Capitol Hill. Whether it's called "amnesty," "legalization" or "regularizing," America's debate over immigration means absorbing more people into the US and increasing the strain on the nation's resources. We hear about several comprehensive plans being floated and consider their impact, economically and culturally, with a union leader, immigration policy maker, policy reformers, and author, many of who are immigrants themselves.
  • Newsmaker: US Rejects Germ Warfare Treaty - The US today officially abandoned the draft accord for enforcing the anti-germ warfare treaty, effectively killing seven years of negotiations on controlling biological weapons. Reporter Norman Kempster anticipated the announcement in today's Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Detroit Turns to Jazzed-Up Golf Carts to Satisfy California Auto Emissions Laws - American auto companies make their big money with gas-guzzling polluting SUV's. But California and several other states will soon require them to make thousands of "zero emission vehicles" that won't turn the same kind of profit. The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Ball says Detroit may have scored with souped-up golf carts.

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