Inaugural Protests

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George W. Bush raised big money from big contributors for his "people's inaugural," but those who take to the streets will include his critics as well. Police, who must accommodate protests while affording maximum protection, will provide the tightest security in the history of inaugural parades. We hear about their plans, how Bush supporters will respond, and what the impact is likely to be from a liberal historian, grassroots organizers, including one who's pro-Bush, and actor-activist Ed Asner.
  • Newsmaker: Federal Reaction to California's Energy Crisis - California's energy crisis is cause for national concern. Peter Navarro, who teaches economy and public policy at UC Irvine, says the state accounts for 15% of the nation's GNP. He adds that there's blame to spare in a crisis that continues to attack production, consumption, wages, buying power -- even global trade.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Strike Sends Studios Rushing into Production - The entertainment industry begins serious negotiations on Monday in anticipation of labor trouble this spring. Writers and actors across the US are threatening to walk out over residuals and creative rights. Bob Dowling, of The Hollywood Reporter, says to expect more TV news magazines and reality-based programs.

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