Inheriting Hate: Global Indoctrination of Children

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Ten years after the United Nations' World Summit for Children, a new generation is being taught to dehumanize and hate the enemies of their fathers and mothers. From Belfast to Bosnia, Africa to the Middle East, children are the victims and the perpetrators of religious and ethnic violence. As the UN prepares to address the issue again, we look at the many ways hatred is passed on at home, in school and by government policy - even in America - and the worldwide effort to stop it, with education and outreach experts from around the US and around the world.
  • Newsmaker: Israeli Cabinet Member Reacts to Ongoing Violence - This weekend's deadly suicide bombing by an Israeli Arab has failed to disrupt a planned meeting between the Israeli foreign minister and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Former Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh defends Israel's Arab community and displays a steadfast resolve to pursue a diplomatic solution to terrorism and violence.
  • Reporter's Notebook: New York City Mayoral Primary May Produce First Hispanic Mayor - One day before the election, New York's mayoral primary is a statistical dead heat. Brian Lehrer, host of WNYC's On the Line, says a new Black-Latino coalition could give Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer the victory over frontrunner Public Advocate Mark Green and give New York City its first Hispanic Mayor.

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