International Court Considers Israel-s Security Fence

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The World Court at The Hague began hearing arguments today about the 400-mile fence being constructed in the name of Israeli security. Though yesterday-s suicide bombing of a bus in Jerusalem has bolstered Israel-s case, Palestinians contend that the wall is not merely defensive, but a means of annexing Palestinian territory. If the Court declares the fence illegal, the ruling would not be binding, but it would be a major public relations coup for the Palestinians. Israel has refused to participate in the hearings. The US and European Union have also declined, claiming that the court has no jurisdiction. We get perspective from an international law expert, a foreign policy spokeswoman for the European Union, an advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and human rights advocates, including one whose Jerusalem neighborhood will be divided by the fence.
  • Making News: More Trouble in Haiti
    Fifty American troops have been sent to Haiti to protect the American Embassy. Rebels opposed to President Jean Bertrand Aristide have threatened to attack the capital city of Port au Prince. Kathy Klarreich, who has returned to Haiti for Time magazine, updates the situation in the country's two largest cities and frustrated diplomatic efforts to restore peace and security.
  • Reporter's Notebook: President Bush Kicks Off His Re-Election Campaign
    While weeks of campaigning have produced massive news coverage for the Democrats and narrowed the field to run against President Bush, the President-s approval ratings have slipped into the danger zone. That means that the best-funded re-election campaign in world history is going to start early, perhaps as early as tonight. Ron Brownstein, who tracks politics for the Los Angeles Times and CNN, has more on the President's decision.

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