International Reaction to Midterm Elections

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George W. Bush was once sneered by the foreign press as -an inarticulate lightweight who gained the presidency while losing the popular vote,- and a bumbler who would never be re-elected in 2004. Last week, after victories in both the midterm elections and the United Nations, one British columnist wrote, -If he was an arrogant cowboy, he-s got a lot more to be arrogant about.- Today, despite his new legitimacy and enhanced prestige, Bush continues to get mixed reviews as his increased respect around the world has also brought increased fear. We look at the President-s evolving image overseas with journalists from World Press Review, which focuses on the international press, Britain-s Guardian, Germany-s Die Zeit, and a political scientist from Kuwait University.
  • Newsmaker: Iraqi Parliament Rejects UN Resolution
    In Baghdad, Iraq-s parliament has voted unanimously to reject the UN Security Council resolution demanding unfettered weapons inspections. James Drummond, who-s been following the story for the Financial Times, has more.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Suspects Surrender in Breeders- Cup Bet
    The Breeders- Cup is the richest day in American horseracing. Last month, it produced what may have been horse-racing-s biggest rip-off. One man bet $1100 and won $3 million, or so it seemed. Today, three former computer whizzes at Drexel University, surrendered on charges of fixing the system. Ray Paulick, editor of Bloodhorse magazine, has more on what may be the biggest fraud in US horse-racing history.

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