International Reaction to Powell-s UN Address

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Yesterday, Colin Powell made America-s case to the UN Security Council, saying that tape recordings, satellite photographs and statements from unnamed informants proved that Saddam Hussein has breached Council resolutions. Powell said that calls for -serious consequences,- and that means war. However they answer that question, and whatever their reservations may be, will America-s allies be able to resist the growing pressure for military conflict? We get international reaction from pundits and journalists at the UN, and in France, Britain, Russia, and the Middle East, including one who interviewed Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix earlier this week.
  • Making News: North Korea Warns of Pre-Emptive Strike
    There are new warnings today that North Korea poses a disaster -potentially larger- than one in Iraq. Three high officials of the Clinton administration, including former Chief-of-Staff General John Shalikashvili, are warning about what they call -loose nukes.- David Sanger is White House Correspondent for the New York Times.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Jurors Apologize to Legal Medicinal Marijuana Grower
    Last week, a California jury found a marijuana grower Ed Rosenthal guilty of three federal felony crimes. This week, half the jurors publicly apologized to the man they convicted. One of them said, -It-s the most horrible mistake I-ve ever made in my life.- Their change of heart is all about differences between state and federal law involving medical marijuana. Josh Richman covers the case for the Oakland Tribune.

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