International vs. US Media View of the Mid East

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"US readers might be surprised by the pro-Palestinian and anti-American sympathies expressed around the world," commented the online magazine Slate, which surveys newspapers around the world. Is the US the "honest broker" we see ourself to be? Today four international correspondents reflect on how different lenses reveal different pictures of the history, background and current tensions of the world's most dominant current event. Representatives of the Arab American Action Network, Anti-Defamation League, and an organization dedicated to improving and protecting journalism, talk about how biases and propaganda color reporting.

  • Newsmaker: US forces in Bahrain and Qatar have been placed on a military alert equal to "a war footing," according to Pentagon sources quoted by CNN. Professor Gregory Gause, author of Oil Monarchies: Domestic and Security Challenges in the Arab Gulf States, speaks to us about tensions in an area crucial to international peace and petroleum.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Early in Game Two of the World Series, Mets' catcher Mike Piazza broke his bat on a foul ball. The bat sailed toward the mound, where Yankee pitcher Roger Clemens threw it in Piazza's direction. Terry Cooney, a former American League umpire who threw Clemens out of a game 10 years ago, says he'd do it again.



Warren Olney