Investor Confidence After Corporate Crises

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Recently, the stock market dropped to its lowest levels in 8 months-the latest sign of a crisis of confidence among investors. They-ve got a lot to be worried about: the Enron collapse, the accounting scandal, and conflicts of interest among Wall Street analysts; not to mention total losses of 4 trillion dollars in the past two years. BusinessWeek says -faith in Corporate America hasn-t been so strained since the early 1900-s.- We ask an independent stock market analyst, a New York attorney representing brokers, the Director of the Global Corporate Governance Research Center, Co-Founder and President of the Economic Policy Institute, and a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute to discuss the reasons why so many investors are so disturbed, and what needs to be done.
  • Newsmaker: Car Bombing in Megiddo, Israel
    A powerful suicide car-bomb has incinerated a commuter bus and killed at least 16 people in Israel. The location was Megiddo, where the New Testament prophesies the final battle between Good and Evil. From Damascus, Islamic Jihad claims responsibility on the 35th anniversary of the Six-day War-with CIA Director George Tenet in the region to discuss reforms of the Palestinian Authority with Yasser Arafat. Ze-ev Schiff, Military Analyst for the liberal Israeli newspaper Ha-aretz, describes the situation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: South Korea, US Grudge Revived at World Cup
    American sports fans are focusing on the NBA finals, the Stanley Cup and the Belmont Stakes, while the rest of the world is watching the World Cup. The US team has been pegged as a sure loser, but today they pulled off a stunning upset by defeating Portugal, fifth best team in the world. Their next match is against another surprise winner: South Korea. While America may not be paying much attention, South Korea is host of the World Cup and has not forgotten the disqualification of its winning speed-skater at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. A Korean-American living in South Korea tells us how this could turn into a grudge match.


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