Iranian Elections and Political Reform

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Iran will hold a parliamentary election tomorrow, but its latest experiment in democracy is being compromised by religious authority. Reformist candidates have been banned from running, a possible boycott and public disillusionment may depress turnout, and anti-democratic forces may emerge stronger than ever. Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has agreed with President Bush that June 30 is too soon for elections to be held in Iraq. Why is the Bush administration silent about what-s happening in Iran? Does Iran hold implications for a new government in Iraq? We speak with an expert in Middle East politics, a former White House diplomat who served during the Iranian Revolution and hostage crisis, and Iran's first ambassador to the United Nations about the situation in Iran and its implications for American efforts to extend democracy in the Middle East.
  • Making News: Former Enron President Jeffrey Skilling Indicted Jeffrey Skilling has pleaded innocent to 42 charges of defrauding investors and misleading government regulators. His attorney, Dan Petrocelli, said his client didn't steal, lie or take anyone-s money. Free on $5 million bail, the former Enron CEO faces 325 years in jail and fines of $80 million. John Emshwiller, Wall Street Journal reporter and author of a book about uncovering the Enron scandal, updates the ongoing story.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Russian Military Exercises
    During Russia-s biggest nuclear exercise in 20 years, the Navy failed to launch three missiles--once in the presence of President Vladimir Putin. But Putin claims another test was successful, and that could mean that Russia has a missile system that could allow nuclear warheads to avoid US defenses. Alexander Golts, editor of the Weekly Journal in Moscow, uncovers the cover-up and implications for domestic and international politics.


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