Iraq and the Propaganda War

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Saddam Hussein-s most notorious prison was a laboratory for torture and one of the targets of Iraq-s liberation, but now, there-s pictorial evidence that some of the liberating forces also used Abu Ghraib to torture Iraqi prisoners. Prison pictures have undercut American objectives in Iraq and jeopardized its standing in the Arab world. On Capitol Hill today, there were closed-door hearings and Senators of both parties complained that Congress was not informed of the Army's long-time knowledge about the treatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib. Warren Olney explores how the Iraq war and occupation are being covered by US and foreign media and the impact on America-s credibility in the Arab world.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Presidential Campaign May Cost $1 Billion
    John Kerry today launched one of the most expensive ad campaigns in political history, a $25-million TV blitz in 19 -battle ground states- to counter $50 million already spent on TV by the Bush campaign. Anthony Corrado, a campaign finance expert at the Brookings Institution, says that despite attempts to get a handle on money in politics, this year's total spending could top a billion dollars and shatter all expectations.

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