Iraq Puts Seat of Senator Joe Lieberman in Jeopardy

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Joe Lieberman coasted to an easy reelection victory six years ago, when he was also on the ballot as Al Gore's running mate. But now, his ardent support for the war in iraq has made him Public Enemy Number One among left-wing Internet bloggers who are targeting him for defeat in next month's Connecticut primary election. Will division's over the war hurt the party's chances of reclaiming Congress in November? And could there be ramifications for the party's presidential hopes in '08? Conan Nolan guest hosts.
  • Making News: Baghdad Erupts in Violence as Saddam Boycotts Trial
    Seven people were shot and killed on a bus today in a Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad. The attack came a day after two car bombs exploded outside a Shiite mosque in the capital, killing at least 12. That attack came hours after Shiite gunmen went on a rampage in another Sunni neighborhood, killing at least 40. Dan Murphy is a staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor in Baghdad.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Disputed Mexican Election Felt by US, Mexican Americans
    Its historic second free presidential election has left Mexico bitterly divided along political lines. National Action Party candidate Felipe Calderon won only 220,000 votes of 41 million cast, but leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has demanded a recount, claiming fraud and voting irregularities. Political scientist Fernando Guerra considers the impact of election results on Mexican Americans and relations with the US.
Guest host Conan Nolan is reporter for KNBC in Los Angeles, who has covered national and local news stories since 1986. He's also worked as a television news reporter and sports anchor, as well as a public radio political reporter in San Luis Obispo, California.

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