Iraq Unconditionally Agrees to Weapons Inspections

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While Iraq-s -unconditional- invitation to UN weapons inspectors is welcome news to Russia, China, mainland Europe and the Arab countries, the Bush White House is calling it -a tactic that will fail.- Now, the eyes of the world are on the UN Security Council, where the United States is still demanding a tough new resolution, backed by massive force. We get an update from the UN correspondent for The Nation magazine and hear about the world body-s history of enforcing its own resolutions, then look at America-s historic role in deciding which resolutions are enforced with former UN officials, a foreign intelligence advisor to then-President Reagan, and Clinton-era Ambassador Dennis Jett.
  • Newsmaker: Florida Announces Democratic Candidate
    In Florida, Janet Reno-s concession of the Democratic gubernatorial nomination brings that state-s primary to an end. Now the brutal general election campaign begins between Republican Governor Jeb Bush and his Democratic rival, Bill McBride. Linda Kleindienst, state capital bureau chief for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, looks forward to the race ahead and back over the voting obstacles that plagued last week-s primary.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Hydrogen, Not Just a Blast of Hot Air
    While critics call Jeremy Rifkin a -professional activist- who is -anti-science- without the benefit of formal scientific training, the president of the Foundation on Economic Trends has finally found a technology about which he can be bullish. Rifkin talks about his latest book, The Hydrogen Economy, and the revolutionary technology he believes has the potential to reshape the world.

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