Iraqi Amnesty, Troop Withdrawal and the November Elections

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Today's New York Times reports that Sunni insurgent groups have approached the Iraqi government about Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's offer of amnesty. It's is not clear if the amnesty will extend to rebels who've killed American soldiers or to former members of Saddam Husssein's Baath Party regime. Neither is it clear how the terms will play in the US where Iraq is becoming the major issue in this year's elections. Will a "stable" Iraq require Americans to hold their noses as rebels who killed US soldiers get a free pass? Meantime, as the US Commander was talking troop withdrawal at the White House, Republicans were accusing Democrats of wanting to "cut and run." What's the difference? Can Republicans turn their biggest political liability into an asset?
  • Making News: Hamas Makes Deal with Fatah
    Israel troops are massed on the borders of Gaza demanding release of a kidnapped soldier. Meantime, rival Hamas and Fatah factions have agreed on a plan that implicitly recognizes Israel's right to exist. Dan Ephron is following the story for Newsweek magazine.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Security Leaks and Political Strategy
    President Bush has joined Vice President Cheney, Treasury Secretary John Snow and Congressman Peter King in denouncing the New York Times and other papers for printing stories about supposedly secret anti-terrorist programs. Warrantless wiretaps by the National Security Agency set off a political furor just weeks ago, but few Democrats have criticized the Bush Administration for subpoenaing banking records to follow terrorist money. Wayne Slater is senior political writer for the Dallas Morning News.

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