Is a Ban on Cigarette Advertising Legal?

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The settlements are over, but the wars go on as the Supreme Court prepares to consider cigarette advertising in Massachusetts. In March the court ruled that tobacco is not a drug that can be regulated by the FDA. Will it now uphold the ban on cigarette advertising? How does the health of children conflict with the free speech rights of companies that make a legal product? Our guests include a former FDA commissioner and a public-interest attorney who filed an amicus brief on behalf of the tobacco industry.
  • Newsmaker: El Salvador Earthquake - In El Salvador, at least 400 have died after Saturday's big earthquake. Some 800 aftershocks and a major landslide create new dangers, keeping victims and rescue workers on edge. Joseph Schultz, of the U.S. Agency for International Development, updates us from San Salvador. (Those wishing to contribute should contact organizations listed in "Links".)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bush, Clinton and Martin Luther King Jr. - Clinton leaves office under a "Lewinsky cloud" but with high ratings from the black community. Bush, despite naming the most diverse cabinet in history, steps in with far less support. Ron Walters, a leading authority on presidential politics and the black community, says Bush's rhetoric does not match his record.

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