Is Europe Losing its Christian Identity?

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In France, rioting continued for the thirteenth straight night, and the cabinet of President Jacques Chirac has asked Parliament to extend emergency rule for three months. The continuing clashes are the latest evidence that the children of immigrants are angry about unemployment, inequality and cultural isolation. Meantime, in England, church-going Christians may soon be outnumbered by observant Muslims. Will coping with poverty threaten the viability of welfare states? Will continued immigration and rapid birth rates transform national identities? What could demographic changes mean to the economies--and the cultures--of Europe? We hear more about the recent civil disturbance and the changing face of Europe from reporters, politicians and historians.
  • Making News: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Jerusalem
    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice went to Amman, Jordan today, but she's scheduled an unexpected return to Jerusalem, in hopes of brokering a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Harvey Morris reports from Jerusalem for the Financial Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Wal-Mart and Their Critics Go to Church
    Wal-Mart is fighting a high-stakes battle with liberal critics including unions, which have not been able to organize the world's biggest retailer. Now, from advertising, media outreach and public debate, the struggle has shifted to a battle for souls. That's according to today's Los Angeles Times, in a story by Abigail Goldman.

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