Is Iraq Back in the Crosshairs of the US?

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As Vice President Cheney heads to the Middle East, President Bush is vowing action against Iraq's Saddam Hussein. Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair is supportive, but Jordan's King Abdullah warns of "catastrophe" for the region and Egypt is trying to convince Iraq to forestall any action by admitting UN weapons inspectors. While there are reports that a US timeline has been established for attacking Iraq, there is disagreement within the administration over how and when to begin such an action. We hear the case against Saddam Hussein and warnings about the price of success, as well as the risk of failure, from former members of the CIA, State Department and Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, as well as the editor of Jordan's leading newspaper.
  • Newsmaker: Profile of Middle East Envoy, General Anthony Zinni
    Retired Marine General Anthony Zinni, President Bush's point man for ending the fighting between Israel and the Palestinians, has arrived in the Middle East. Mark Thompson of Time magazine offers a profile of the outspoken Philadelphia native with the hands-on attitude who's respected by Palestinians and Israelis for his work in Somalia, Iraq and Vietnam.
  • Reporter's Notebook: March Madness, African American Players and Academic Fraud
    College basketball means big money and zero graduation rates for many athletes. Such academic fraud is a familiar story, but seldom has it been exposed dramatically by a TV network that profits from airing college athletics. On Friday, March 22, ESPN will rebroadcast a tough investigative report on the academic performance of players at 36 schools in the NCAA's Division I. Bob Ley anchors ESPN's Outside the Lines.


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