Is Iraq Next in the War on Terrorism?

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The US wants to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and the War on Terrorism could provide that opportunity. In Washington, the pressure is on for decisive action against the man who survived the Gulf War and is thought to be continuing his efforts to support terrorism and develop weapons of mass destruction. But even hawks admit that uncertainty over who would replace him and the response of the Arab world pose difficult and dangerous problems. We look at the risks of extending the War on Terrorism to Iraq with the UN's former chief weapons inspector and Hussein's one-time confidant and unofficial biographer.
  • Newsmaker: Mineta Faces Challenges with Airport Security - Provisions of the new airline security bill passed by Congress sound fine on paper but pose obstacles in reality that are too great to overcome. Michael Kilian, reporter and columnist for The Chicago Tribune, says it's unlikely that Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta can meet personnel and technological security deadlines.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Death of Paul Hume, Music Critic Who Upset Truman - Some 51 years ago, the music critic for The Washington Post outraged Harry Truman with a lackluster review of a vocal recital by the then-President's daughter. Stephen Hess, advisor to several presidents, recalls the review and controversial publication of Truman's fiery response to critic Paul Hume who died this week at the age of 85.

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