Is Israel Finding Cover behind Iraq?

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As the White House focuses on winning Congressional support, a UN resolution, and the backing of a few key Arab states for a war against Saddam Hussein, the Middle East continues to simmer. While many believe that any US action in Iraq will require Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to seek some kind of negotiated peace, others maintain that White House pressure on Sharon extends only as far as facilitating a UN resolution against Iraq. Is Sharon using the fog of impending war to carry out his own military solution to the Palestinian conflict? What of Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat-s recent clampdown against militant groups within the territories? We get an update from an Israeli strategic analyst, Palestinian sociologist, and correspondents for the Christian Science Monitor and The New Republic.
Conan Nolan of KNBC-TV guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: Vote on War Resolution
    The debate has been long and emotional, but now Congress is on the brink of formally supporting the White House in a possible military action against Iraq. Karen Tumulty, national correspondent for Time magazine, looks at the political influences that are fueling the acrimonious debate, which comes just weeks before midterm elections.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: No Precedence for US Starting a War?
    Though for decades, American foreign policy has followed Teddy Roosevelt-s caveat to -walk softly and carry a big stick,- the US has made it a principle to not be the first to brandish that stick. David Greenberg, columnist for, says it-s -historical amnesia- that makes us believe that an unprovoked invasion of Iraq would be unprecedented.
Conan Nolan, reporter for KNBC in Los Angeles, has covered national and local news stories since 1986. Nolan has reported on Capitol Hill, the Columbine massacre, the capture of -Unabomber- Ted Kaczinski, the infamous police chase of O.J.Simpson, and the Loma Prieta-San Francisco earthquake.

Prior to joining NBC-s LA team, Nolan reported for the network-s Salinas affiliate. He-s also worked as a television news reporter and sports anchor, as well as a public radio political reporter, in San Luis Obispo. The graduate of UC Davis grew up in Los Osos, in California-s central coast. He and his family live in the Los Angeles area.



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