Is it China's Century?

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China may call itself "Communist," but it's been "ruthlessly pragmatic and non-ideological" in economic development and modernization. That's according to Newsweek magazine's cover story on China's astonishing growth and what it means for America. Some Senators are demanding protective tariffs. Neo-cons are worried about a military buildup. Are US companies letting China steal their competitive edge? Can the US keep up with China's engineers, scientists and technicians? What about Japan? Should Americans be worried?
  • Making News: Bush, from Russia to Georgia
    After meeting yesterday with Russia's President Putin, President Bush, in Moscow's Red Square today, celebrated the defeat of Nazi Germany. Then he moved on to Tblisi, the capitol of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Georgia's president boycotted the event in Moscow because Russia refuses to withdraw two military bases from his country. We speak with Konstantine Eggert, Bureau Chief for the BBC's Russian Service in Moscow.
  • Reporter's Notebook: New Holocaust Memorial in Berlin
    Germany's national Holocaust memorial is described as "an undulated field of concrete slabs" with no inscription, plaque or familiar symbol to tell people what they should feel. The designer, New York architect Peter Eisenman, says it's okay if it's used by skateboarders, children playing hide and seek or a shortcut through town. We speak with Bernhad Schultz, Art and Architecture Editor for the Berlin based newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.



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