Is Palestine on the Road to Recognition?

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The British parliament has voted to recognize a Palestinian state—with one long-time backer saying, “It’s time for Israel’s friends to say ‘enough is enough.’” Sweden has done the same thing, and the Palestinians may be just 2 votes shy of being recognized by the UN Security Council. Nobody believes that will happen, but the US might have to veto a measure increasingly popular in the rest of the world. In Europe and elsewhere, there’s outrage over Israel’s latest settlement in the West Bank. Are the Palestinians taking “diplomatic warfare” too far?

Plus, Obama names an Ebola "czar," and is the cable bundle unraveling?

Banner Image: On Oct. 12th, 2014, nearly 90 countries and international organizations met in Cairo to gather support for Palestine and the reconstruction of Gaza. The conference was organized by Norway and Egypt with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas; Credit: Norwegian MFA