Is Popular Opinion Perishable in War on Terrorism?

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President Bush has asked for patience in what he predicts will be a long, frustrating War on Terrorism. While Americans are bullish on the President, they're increasingly worried that the war might not meet its objectives. In Great Britain, where Prime Minister Tony Blair is lauded as Bush's most prominent ally, there's also rising public concern about the bombing and a possible humanitarian disaster. In Pakistan, where the refugee crisis threatens that nation's crucial support, the government has banned all demonstrations and rallies. We swing from the US to Britain and Pakistan to sample public opinion on the War on Terrorism.
  • Newsmaker: Delays, Uncertainty and Confusion over Anthrax - It's been two weeks since the first of three anthrax-laden envelopes turned up in Washington and New York. Since then, 30 tons of mail have been quarantined and trucked to Lima, Ohio for irradiation. Josh Meyer of the Los Angeles Times looks at the government's attempts to deal with the unprecedented problem.
  • Reporter's Notebook: SLA's Sara Jane Olson Pleads Guilty, Blaming September 11 Impact on Juries - A woman accused of attempted terrorism 27 years ago won't be going on trial in Los Angeles after all. Mike Cobo, of DecisionQuest, a jury research and consulting firm, explains how the events of September 11 helped determine the fate of Minnesota housewife Sara Jane Olson, onetime member of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

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