Is Syria the Next Target in America's War on Terror?

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With the major action over now in Iraq, US attention is turning to Syria. For the past few days, Damascus has heard a drumbeat of American accusations from President Bush on down, including those of developing chemical weapons, harboring Iraqi officials and supporting the terrorist groups Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah. US officials say there-s no plan to invade Syria yet, even though the White House yesterday called it a -rogue state.- Syria has called the charges -an insult,- and accused the Bush administration of -blackmail.- We hear more on those charges from a former Defense Department official and security experts from the US and abroad, and get a response from Damascus to America-s demand that Syria change its ways.
  • Making News: Jay Garner Meets with Iraqis on Reconstruction
    Today, the US began organizing a new government for Iraq. Retired General Jay Garner flew to Nassiriyah, where about 80 Iraqis and Iraqi exiles were invited to start a process that Garner says they ultimately will control. Craig Gordon of Newsday, speaking from Central Command in Qatar, says today-s -full and frank discussion,- was boycotted by several groups, demonstrating the challenge of the task ahead.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Tax Day and the Economy
    Americans may support the war in Iraq, but polls show they-re skeptical about cutting taxes. On this April 15, with Congress off for a two-week vacation, President Bush is sending 25 administration officials to 57 events in 26 states, to promote his -jobs and growth- package. Howard Gleckman, senior correspondent for BusinessWeek, has more on the President-s Rose Garden speech, and the politics of taxation.

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