Is the Carbon Tax an Idea Whose Time Has Come?

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Environmentalists have long championed a carbon tax, imposed not just on gasoline, but on all fossil fuels, from coal used to generate electricity to diesel fuel used to power heavy equipment, as a way to address climate change. Now it’s winning the support of conservative think-tanks and even some oil companies, as a way to address the budget deficit. Is the tax a smart way to avert both global warming and the fiscal cliff? If so, then why isn't the Obama White House proposing it, and why is Congress so reluctant to consider it? Has hurricane Sandy changed any minds?


Elizabeth Kolbert - New Yorker staff writer and author of "Under a White Sky," "The Sixth Extinction," and "Field Notes from a Catastrophe." - @ElizKolbert, Bob Inglis - Former Republican Congressman from South Carolina, Energy and Enterprise Initiative - @bobinglis, Marlo Lewis - Competitive Enterprise Institute - @ceidotorg, Dan Lashof - Natural Resources Defense Council - @Dlashof

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