Is the Peace Movement Speaking with One Voice?

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In the past few weeks, most major American cities have seen anti-war protests. So far, the numbers have been small, but leaders say they-re significant because the war on Iraq hasn-t even begun. Organizers claim that 100,000 people will show up in Washington, DC this weekend, with another sizeable turnout in San Francisco. Yet some veterans of the peace movement of 30 years ago aren-t so sure. They say the current effort is being led by ideologues that will turn off the middle-Americans who hold the key to success. We talk to both sides, including current and former members of the ANSWER Coalition, the SDS, and Americans for Democratic Action, and hear what-s happening in churches and university campuses.
  • Newsmaker: Moscow Theater Hostages
    In the Moscow theater where Chechen rebels are holding hundreds of people hostage, at least one person has been shot and killed, and loud explosions have been heard outside the building. Konstantin Eggert, editor and presenter for the BBC Russian Service, has more on the escape of two teens, and the rebel who are prepared to die in their gamble to force a Russian pullout of Chechnya.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Jiang Zemin to Visit with President Bush
    When a US surveillance plane crash-landed off mainland China last year, relations between the two countries plummeted. Now, President Jiang Zemin is all smiles as he crosses America on his way to tomorrow-s meeting with President Bush. Henry Chu, Beijing bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, reports that it will be a sentimental journey.

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