Is the 'War on Drugs' a Failure? Is It Time to Legalize?

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A high-profile international commission says the "War on Drugs" is an expensive failure, and that drug addiction should be considered a health problem instead of a crime. We look at possible new strategies and their political viability. Also, the Obama Administration debates the size of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. On Reporter's Notebook, last week’s disappointing report on unemployment raises a disturbing question. Can the Republicans and the Democrats agree on how to increase jobs? Do they want to?

Banner image: Fernando Henrique Cardoso (L), former president of Brazil and chair of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, accepts petition from Ricken Patel (R), Executive Director of Avaaz, a global campaigning organization, at a press conference June 2, 2011 in New York City. Photo: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images



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