Is the War on the Taliban at a Stalemate?

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After weeks of heavy bombing in Afghanistan, the Taliban are still in control, Osama bin Laden still hasn't been found, and it's been more difficult than expected to put together an alternative government for a fractious country. Now critics are beginning to question if America's military strategy can meet its objectives. We hear about air strikes from a veteran of the Gulf War and get a report on how the combat looks from the frontline. We also consider demands by the Northern Alliance and the prospects for building a future government that is acceptable to Afghanistan's neighbors and America's shaky coalition.
  • Newmaker: US Defers ABM Tests, Russia Aids Northern Alliance - A day after the Pentagon announced it has put off tests of the anti-missile defense system, Russia has agreed to send armored vehicles to Afghanistan. Victor Kremenyuk, of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the Institute of the USA and Canada, talks about Russia's support for the Northern Alliance and his country's developing relationship with the US.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Dr. Jehan Sadat's Message for Peace - Dr. Jehan Sadat is herself a victim of terrorist violence. The widow of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who was killed by Islamic militants just 20 years ago, has for many years been an apostle of world peace. Now she's calling for war on the Taliban, and a more visible role for women in Islamic society.

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