Is the White House Leaking?

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After all the investigations of the Clinton administration, President George Bush promised -honor and integrity- in the White House. Now, his own staff is accused of leaking the name of a CIA -operative,- the wife of a former diplomat who criticized the war in Iraq. Bush says he welcomes a probe by the FBI, but Democrats are calling for a -special counsel- independent from Attorney General John Ashcroft. Just what law might have been broken? If White House aides are responsible, what about the reporter who wrote the story? Could this come at a worse time for a President mired in Iraq and facing re-election? We hear from an ethicist, a researcher who works to reduce the scope of government secrecy, a former Justice Department official, and experts in constitutional law and crisis management.
  • Reporter's Notebook: US Version of the Kelly Scandal?
    In Britain, Prime Minister Tony Blair has been shaken by a scandal with parallels to what President Bush is facing. The name of a previously unknown government expert on weapons of mass destruction was made public after the BBC reported he was skeptical about the war on Iraq. David Kelly committed suicide. Now, after 6 weeks of extraordinary public hearings, the country awaits Lord Hutton's report. Watching it all was Harry Shearer--satirist, political commentator and host of public radio's Le Show.

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