Is There an Anti-War Movement?

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President Bush will be taking vacation breaks this week for speeches designed to rally support for the war in Iraq. Meantime, war supporters are heading for Crawford, Texas to counteract the anti-war sentiment generated by Gold Star Mother Cindy Sheehan. But as Iraqis struggle to write a new constitution and the insurgency continues, even Republicans are calling for US withdrawal. Speaking to veterans in Salt Lake City today, the President today invoked the attacks of September 11 and four years of fighting in World War II to argue that high stakes require patience and sacrifice. We consider whether facts on the ground will be more important than demonstrations and assess where the Democrats stand with journalists, pollsters, political scientists and a Republican Congressman who's calling for a withdrawal of American troops.
  • Making News: Meeting the Deadline on Iraqi Constitution
    Iraqi Shiites and Kurds have reportedly agreed on an new constitution, but so far it's also reported that the Sunnis are not on board. The extended deadline for completing the work expires at midnight tonight. Scott Johnson, Baghdad Bureau Chief for Newsweek magazine, says that all indicators point to a Sunni rejection.
  • Reporter's Notebook: A Resurrection of Jim Crow in Georgia?
    States around the US are waiting for the Bush Justice Department to weigh in on a new law passed in Georgia that requires voters to present one of just six forms of photo identification before they can vote. In a state where 50 of 159 counties don't even have offices that issue drivers' licenses, Democrats say the law is intended to disenfranchise blacks. Republicans say it will protect against voter fraud. Don Schanche of the Macon Telegraph has more on the new law.



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