Is There Anything Safe to Eat?

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Agribusiness and biotechnology are so successful that America feeds much of the rest of the world, and a growing problem for America-s poor is obesity. But are modern production methods themselves doing more harm than good? Every day seems to bring a new warning about the food we eat. There-s mercury in the fish, pesticide on fruits and vegetables, and genetic modification has become pervasive. Is there a crisis in food safety? Why do government agencies disagree about what-s healthy and what-s not? How can consumers distinguish between important warnings and false alarms? Warren Olney leads a spirited discussion among an organic foods activist, a representative of a national food industry trade association, and nutrition and food-safety advocates.
  • Making News: Trials on the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Begin Today
    One of America-s most controversial federal laws will be tested in three courts around the country, with trials starting today. It-s the ban on so-called -partial birth abortions,- the first federal limit on abortion since Roe versus Wade. Linda Feldmann, who reports for the Christian Science Monitor, has more on the simultaneous timing of the cases, the reasons for the challenge, and the reemergence of the issue in this, an election year.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Ariel Sharon-s Corruption Scandal
    In Israel today, the son of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was ordered by the Supreme Court to turn over tapes and documents relating to corruption investigations, one of which involves the Prime Minister himself. David Horovitz, editor of the bi-weekly news magazine, The Jerusalem Report, says some materials are potentially incriminating and could lead to Sharon-s resignation.

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