Is There Censorship in Film and Television?

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Accusations are flying this week about censorship in the media. Michael Moore-s film, Fahrenheit 911 opens this week in Cannes, just days after Moore accused Disney of cowardice and censorship for refusing to distribute the Miramax film. Today, Michael Eisner responds in the New York Times, and Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg is demanding hearings on what he calls a -pattern of politically based corporate censorship of the news media and the entertainment industry.- This comes on the heels of Sinclair Broadcasting-s decision not to run ABC-s Nightline program listing the names of military personnel killed in Iraq and Clear Channel-s decision to dump shock jock Howard Stern. Is this a pattern of censorship or corporate responsibility? ABC News correspondent Judy Muller guest hosts.
  • Making News: President Bush Praises Defense Secretary Rumsfeld
    As critics continue to call for Donald Rumsfeld's ouster, President Bush today issued a strong endorsement of his embattled Defense Secretary. That endorsement comes amid international outrage over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at the hands of US military. Linda Feldmann, White House correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, is following the story, including details on a confidential report by the International Red Cross documenting systematic prisoner abuse.
  • Reporter's Notebook: FDA Blocks Over-the-Counter Sale of Morning-After Pill
    The Food and Drug Administration made a controversial decision this week, rejecting a pharmaceutical company's request to sell the morning-after pill over the counter. Plan B is now available only by prescription. The decision was a surprise, since a panel of independent experts had earlier voted 23-to-4 to recommend that the drug be sold over the counter. Gardiner Harris reported on the FDA's decision for the New York Times.
Guest host Judy Muller is a long-time correspondent for ABC News. Because ABC News is owned by the Disney Corporation, and because Muller often reports for Nightline, her capacity today is that of moderator rather than commentator.

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